Privacy Policy

Water Well Map is a service of GammaStream Technologies, Inc. You can find the latest Privacy Policy below.

GammaStream Technologies, Inc. ("GammaStream") is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. In order for you to fully understand GammaStream's information collection practices, GammaStream has created this Privacy Statement. If you have any questions of concerns about this Privacy Statement, please send an email to info at

What information is collected and how is it used?

Users are asked to provide information about themselves (e.g., name), contact information (e.g., email address and telephone number), information about his/her company (e.g., company name, location), and payment information (e.g., credit card). This information is used only for the purpose of processing orders for some of GammaStream's products and services and for notifications related to those products and services. All credit card information is processed over a secure SSL Certificate for the user's protection and is not stored by GammaStream.

GammaStream reserves the right to track domains or ads from which people visit and use this data for statistical analysis. Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Statement, GammaStream may use accumulated data for several purposes, but not limited to marketing analysis, service evaluation and planning.

To what websites does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies only to While does contain links to other sites, GammaStream cannot influence or control the privacy practices of other such websites. Upon leaving, please read the privacy statements of each website visited.

Children's Privacy
GammaStream takes the issue of children's privacy very seriously and will employ all means necessary to insure that the privacy of children is protected. GammaStream encourages parents to actively participate in their child's activities and interests, especially with regard to Internet usage. GammaStream's website,, does not target and is not intended for children. GammaStream will not knowingly collect data from children. If personal data from a child is discovered by GammaStream, steps will be taken immediately to insure that the data is eliminated.

In order to secure site integrity, employs measures including but not limited to the use of encryption tools and software, security software, and other reasonable security measure and procedures. Internal access to users' private and non-public personal information is restricted to site administrators and individuals on a need-to-know basis.

If GammaStream becomes aware that security has been compromised or user non-public information has been disclosed to unrelated third parties as a result of external activity, including but not limited to external security attacks, GammaStream shall take appropriate measures, including but not limited to internal investigation and reporting, and notification to and cooperation with law enforcement authorities, not withstanding other provisions of this Privacy Statement.

If GammaStream becomes aware that a user's private information provided to has been disclosed in a manner not permitted by this Privacy Statement, GammaStream shall take steps to notify the affected user, as soon as possible and as permitted by law, of what information has been disclosed, to the extent of GammaStream's knowledge of the wrongful disclosure of information.

In order for GammaStream's systems and business to be protected, GammaStream reserves the right to disclose information contained in our access logs concerning any user. This applies when the user is in violation of our current or late Terms of Use or other published guidelines, or initiates or participates in illegal activity, even without a subpoena, warrant, or other court order, and to disclose such information in response to court and governmental orders, civil subpoenas, discovery requests, and as otherwise required by law.

No Guarantees
While this Privacy Statement expresses GammaStream's standards for handling of private data, GammaStream cannot guarantee that those standards will always be met. Factors beyond GammaStream's control may result in the disclosure of data. In the event this occurs, GammaStream disclaims any warranties or representations related to maintenance or nondisclosure of private information.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 23, 2024.